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For Medical Practitioners

Dietitians work closely with doctors to provide the most suitable and sustainable treatment to patients.
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For Individuals

We provide dietary counselling services for the ills as well as the healthy individuals who have specific nutritional needs. Who need to see a dietitian?

For Organisations

Wellness program for staff; Nutrition education (of specific topic) for group; Dietetic workshop for specific group (teenager, ethnic group etc); and more...

Health Park helps you incorporatethe concept of healthy diet in your lifestyle.

We aim at providing a platform for people from all walks of life to achieve healing and health through diet and lifestyle.

Clinical Dietetics

Projects with corporate

Part-time Lecturer

Menu Review

Elderly Service

Media Exposure

Health Park was founded in December 2008

by Carmela Lee, an independent Registered Dietitian who is passionate about dietetics.

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